Thumbs up if you want exclusive Bushtv behind the scenes shots, pics and yarns from the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA) on the 19th Aug 2011?

That’s right Bushtv peeps. We is doing social media for the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA) and we are gonna be bloggin the crap out of it.

But we need your help. It’s not fair that us mob get to have all these amazing exclusive brilliant muso’s to ourselves. We need YOU to share these with your friends and family. So when they say “How did ya get that pic??” Tell em! “I got it from Bushtv!!!! Then they can share it with all their mob and their mob can share it with all their mob until there’s no more mobs left to tell!

So who wants to see, read, and watch really cool exclusive pics, interviews and performances from some of the best Indigenous muso’s in Australia???

To get the ball rolling NIMA asked us to send this out to you. It’s from a man that’s got a bit of name for himself. That’s right it’s everybody’s fave at the moment Mr Gurrumul with his deadly new song Gopuru!

Gurrumul has been nominated for several awards. But that’s not all!

Emerging from  the desert of Indulkana Community, APY Lands is the much talked about newcomers Iwantja. Iwantja has performed at the Dreaming Festival, the Woodford Folk Festival, the Bush Bands Bash, the Spirit Festival, claiming new fans with their strong and varied repertoire of reggae, hard rock, heavy metal and blues. The raw powerful guitar of young front-man Jeremy Whiskey is a tour de force that has mesmerised audiences and has seen the group signed to David Bridie’s Wantok Musik Label.

The Song People Sessions with Shellie Morris share the journey of acclaimed singer Shellie Morris’s return to her grandmother’s country in the Barkly region of the NT and her collaboration with senior Yanyuwa song-women.

Both these acts will join the line-up for this special night which will be headlined by Dan Sultan who will perform with full band, highlight performances by seminal rock-bands Warumpi Band, Coloured Stone, No Fixed Address, and the Red Flag Dancers from Numbulwar; with the remarkable vocal powers of song-man Grant Nundhirribala [Yilila].

“We are pleased to be able to showcase the extraordinary talent of up and coming band Iwantja and the special collaboration between Shellie Morris and the Yanyuwa people. This will be a special celebration of indigenous music for everyone to enjoy and take part in, says Mark Smith, Manager MusicNT.

Nominations for the inaugural National Indigenous Music Awards have now closed. Finalists will be announced shortly.

There’s so much talent here! And it’s exclusive to you Bushtv peeps!

Thumbs up if you want some more of this musical goodness!

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THE DAILY GRIND with Social Justice commentator Kiah Danielle Woodall

“Hi Social Justice peeps, I’m writing a new blog with some cool links about something close to my heart, social justice. I’ll post somethings that I come across each week that interests me and join you in a conversation on the Bushtv FB page. Here’s my first mini blog. Hope you like it!”  Kiah

I am a proud Kabi-Badtjala woman from South East Queensland, born and raised in Rockhampton until I moved to Brisbane to undertake a Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Criminology and Criminal Justice. My primary passion is engaging with young people experiencing disadvantage and working towards achieving cultural awareness, mutual respect and social justice for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

For me Social Justice is definitely a daily reality – one in which we are all involved. Social Justice to me means having access to running water, education and of course sanitation. It means starting each day in a safe and supportive environment and respecting where we all come from. It includes the right to choices and appropriate means to make those choices. So, let’s start a conversation now and share what Social Justice means to all of us! It’s especially imporant today as it’s  National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day. A day for promoting proud healthy families!

What does Social Justice mean to you on this special day?”

THE DAILY GRIND is a regular sponsored Bushtv post from a freelance blogger passionate about what they do and committed to Indigenous issues and social change.

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15,000 Reasons to Sing!

This week the BUSHTV crew visited Glenmore State School and did a presentation to the kids about a career in the media and also made a Murri Minute TV segment with them.

Students were in the middle of practicing ‘Hands Across Australia’, a song contest organized by Generation One and ASPA (Australian School of Performing Arts).

Last year the song contest received just over a thousand registrations but this year the stakes are higher. Currently 3221 registrations have come from right around Australia including 200 entries from Tasmania.

Even the remote community of Raminginging has entered.

Generation One Spokesperson James Saunders said he was overwhelmed by the number of registrations and hoped next year they could crack five thousand schools entering the competition.

The competition closes Sept 23rd 2011 so there’s still plenty of time to be in the chance for any school to win $15,000 cash for each category.

Here’s the Murri Minute video segment of the kids from Glenmore State school practicing with their teacher Jasmine Ziegler who also entered Woorabinda State school in the comp last year. Good on you Jasmine and kids and good luck for the big performance!! And thanks for all your help with the Murri Minute!!

Picture – Glenmore State School teacher Jasmine Zieglar and her Grade five students

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Singing and Dancing the Rainbow Serpent on Mornington Island

I am currently making a doco about the amazing Mornington Island dancers. The groups passion and dedication is infectious and now they have engaged one of Australia’s most promising young Aboriginal choreographers Jacob Boehme many of the Islands young people are flocking to the little sports hall to get involved in a dance that has a story that stretches back for literally thousands of years.

The Rainbow Serpent story is told to me by elder Cecil Goodman who is the senior song man on the Island.

Every society has a spiritual belief system. For most Australian Indigenous groups this belief system is what is called ‘The Dreamtime’.

In Lardil peoples’ belief there are Marnbil, Dhual-dhual and Ghingin who are the Lardil people’s creation ancestors – they along with Thuwathu (the Rainbow Serpent) and Nyaranbi (Dingo) are responsible for making our customary laws, ceremonies and laws that govern how we behave and treat our land and sea country.

They gave us our totems, kinship system and land and sea story places.

Marnbil, Dhual-dhual and Ghingin and Thuwathu are very important ancestral beings and they created important story places whose moral implication tells us how we should behave to members of our family, how we collect and prepare our bush food, create and sing our corroboree.

Many of the dances performed by the Mornington Island Dancers are based on creation stories and stories of significance. Many were ‘dreamed’ for ceremony and it is to their credit that the Lardil Dancers are still able to perform these dances in much the same manner as their forefathers and mothers did.

Since 1973, Mornington Island Dance has taken part in hundreds of projects and collaborations, presented over 3,000 individual performances in Australia and conducted more than 20 overseas tours.

Dance and song is the cornerstone of Mornington’s cultural identity.

With Jacob’s dedication and passion combined with the ancient stories and dances this small group of dancers will soon be opening the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and taking the dance on tour.

The Mornington Island Festival in September is a great opportunity to meet and see the dancers on local country. To visit the Island and attend the festival please go to their website

Many thanks to the Regional Arts Fund and also to Generation One who are sponsoring this inspiring story and documentary.

Join Bushtv on Facebook and follow these inspiring dancers. Bushtv members will also see an exclusive of the finished doco that will be screened on Imparja.

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Dancer, Songman and Lore Man, Mutchdan – Joel Ngallemetta

I just spent NAIDOC at the Townsville Correctional Centre and had the pleasure of working with Joel Ngallemetta. He was there visiting as a mentor and dancer for the prisoners and gave me a hand with my filming. There is a story here I found on the internet about Joel. With his permission I will soon upload a few songs he sang to the prisoners.

I am currently working with Dean Saunders and Quentin Taiters at the Cultural Unit at Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre on an exciting project called BUSHTV – Freedom Stories that will involve Joel and his mob from Aurukun.

The dance group visited and shared their culture with the offenders and left a mark on everyone present.

Their last song was a ‘Farewell Song’ an old language mourning song where they cried for their mob on the inside and hugged them and cried and made their sadness felt by everyone.

It was the best NAIDOC I have ever had and also one of the most inspiring and touching moments in my life.

Thank you to the Aurukun mob for visiting the Correctional Centre and sharing your spirit and culture!!

Join Joel’s fanpage on FB

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BUSHTV newsletter

Mornington Island SpecialBUSHTV’s RAINMAG

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Tiny Dancer

What’s it like being young, fit and healthy and dancing for your Nation!!

Congratulations to the The Quinkan and Regional Cultural Centre for putting on another great LAURA Dance Festival. It was awesome. Thank you also to Festival Manager Diat Alferink for allowing BushTV to film and help sponsor the event, and for everyone who missed out… it’s on again in two years!!

In the meantime join BushTV at GARMA which is another Major Moment in the Indigenous events calendar not to be missed!

For all you festival goers and storytellers join the BushTV FB page and be eligible for a free trip to this amazing festival and help BushTV get some amazing stories.

Cost is $1350 bucks to get in, airtickets are $1500 for this incredible festival hosted by Yothu Yindi Foundation.

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