SONGS FROM THE HEART Blog by Kiah Danielle Woodall

“Wow! What better way to get amped up for this year’s 2011 National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA) than spin a yarn with the one and only Shellie Morris! 

Aboriginal Singer and Songwriter Shellie Morris will be performing at NIMA this year, and I was lucky enough to catch up for a quick yarn about her favourite tucker, favourite place and most importantly – her beautiful music! As expected though, I was given much more than I’d bargained for and finished the conversation feeling the passion and pride that Shellie so naturally spreads!
Just as Shellie sings songs from the heart, she also speaks her words from the heart. Given the opportunity to speak to such a prominent and moving woman, it had to be asked, what advice does Shellie have to share with young musos? Her answer mirrors her strength and the strength of Aboriginal Australia – “Never give up. Times that by three!”

Having done extensive social justice work with remote and regional communities and youth engagement, Shellie’s passion and pride is obvious as she explains that she will always have time for her people, always have time for community and is the biggest fan of home talent, including renowned artists such as Black Arm Band and Northern Territory Artists.

Here’s Shellie answers to some of your questions : 

1. There’s a lot of buzz this year for NIMA, why?
Well it’s National, it’s very exciting for me and for all of us.  And it’s in Darwin so it will be awesome!!

2. Who’s your favourite Muso?
Too many to say for one interview! I’ve spent a lot of time in remote communities and I’m a big fan of NT Indigenous Artists, Australia Wide and Black Arm Band. I think the rest of Australia should know this talent too.

3. Where do your amazing songs come from?
My heart, my story, my journey so far, from life, from travel and country.

4. Do you have any advice for young Musicians?
Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Sometimes it feels like things aren’t moving for you, but it is, keep on and work hard. Never give up. 

5. If you were on a deserted island what song would you have on your Ipod?
My Island Home! (laughs) That’s funny!

6. Favourite Place?
Home, which is wherever my family is.

7. Favourite Food?

8. Favourite Instrument?
Grand Piano

9. Favourite Movie?
Murundak – which is the Black Arm Band documentary

Stay tuned guys – this year NIMA is big, in fact the first time this Indigenous Music Awards is going National! So it’s time to show your support and jump on the bandwagon in support of our own countries home talent.

Tomorrow we are doing a feature story on Gurrumul and his amazing new song G0puru!

For more info on the nominees head over to  NIMA’s facebook page and like it heaps and get involved!”

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