A Minutes Silence

In Australia we remember lots of things.

We remember the fallen in Gallipoli.

We remember our sporting heroes.

We remember our own loved ones who have passed.

We remember the Queen.

We remember Easter and Christmas.

We remember Australia Day.

But today, let us remember the Nations that were here before.

And let us especially remember the little ones who were Stolen. The ones who were dragged from their mothers hip or wrestled from their fathers grasp.

Let us remember those Mothers and Fathers today.

Let us remember the brothers and sisters.

Let us remember the Uncles and Aunts.

Let us remember the Grandparents.

Let us remember the Cousins.

Let us remember the Nieces and Nephews.

Let us remember all of those people from all of those families.

Let us all remember, lest we forget.

Tom Hearn

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2 Responses to A Minutes Silence

  1. Narelle Pasco says:

    Tom I think this says it all. As one of those who was stolen, this is something that should never be forgotten …lest we forget

  2. Don Bemrose says:

    Brilliant my Brother! Brilliant!

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